Tomás García de Miguel

Machine learning: the MOOC

Back in April I started the Machine learning MOOC of Coursera with the idea of getting to know the basics. I wasn’t certain about whether I could complete the course or not, without even having started my computer science university degree yet.

The main topics covered by this MOOC are:

It also teaches about practical uses of machine learning:

It has been achievable. Nearly everything has been math; mainly linear algebra. Concerning the programming assignments, they were challenging: they consisted of applying math to programs so that they performed the appropriate machine learning processes. They had to be done in MATLAB or Octave.

More importantly, I feel that I’ve learnt many useful concepts. I’ve also found this field of study very interesting. I’d be so happy to be engaged in more learning and experience on this field. Thus I’m already messing with data science projects.

This MOOC was created by Stanford University and taught by Andrew Ng, co-founder of Coursera.

All things considered, this MOOC is very instructional; if you’re on the fence about doing it, go ahead!